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Amore, Cucina E Curry (2008)

Amore, cucina e curry (2008)

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Neri Pozza

About book Amore, Cucina E Curry (2008)

A lovely little novel about a culinary journey of the heart from India to England to France and ultimately the Michelin star. Our hero is a chef of renown, and the book is redolent with food preparation and recipes -- all wonderful. But really the book is about globalism and change, and a plea for intercultural wisdom of the sort that seems to be utterly lacking today in most places. We are all interconnected, and we all have enormously important things to learn from each other, but too few people are listening. Richard Morais is, thank goodness. Read this book to understand, in a very tasty way, why you need to remember your terroir but lose your provincialism. I was disappointed with this book. it could have been amazing and the idea of it kept me reading until the end but there were flaws. when I read Ruth reichal who describes food with such relish I can't wait to eat. although there is a lot of food descriptions here they did not sound yummy. also the ending fell flat for me. there were some good points on selfishness and culture observations but it just wasn't that great.

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Especially enjoyed the vivid food language and mix of cultures. Audiobook narrator is excellent!

I can never look at a crescent shaped pastry in the same way again...

Gastronomical treat!

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