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Amor En Llamas (2013)

Amor en llamas (2013)

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This is by far one of the best historical paranormals I've read in quite some time. Not only was I quite taken with both Miranda and Archer, but to have gothic London as a backdrop with a very sweet, very tender love story underneath it all really made this book for me. In some ways, this is Beauty and the Beast. Archer, a man mysteriously disfigured, wears a mask. Underneath that mask is indeed a mystery to all, with the exception of his shadowy circle of friends. They know what he looks like, they know what happened to make him this way and after all these years, they are slowly being murdered. The townspeople think him eccentric and dangerous; what respectable society Lord gallivants around town in such a fashion? His masked appearance is fodder for fellow Londoners, no one really knows the true Archer and anything that is "known" surely isn't fact. All of this added quite a bit of excitement for his character and I loved the way the narrative slowly...very slowly...unraveled the mystery of Archer. Miranda was quite a match for Lord Archer. Her beauty astounds many. Fiery hair with a temper to match, he is instantly smitten when they first meet several years past. Once the daughter of another prominent London businessman, all is taken away by events seemingly caused by Miri. She has a gift, a very unique power and as a young girl, she was unable to control said power. Needless to say, her actions caused destruction and her father hasn't forgiven her. Little does she know, her father is an unappreciative ass. Always driven by greed, possessing an utter lack of nobility, he was always fated to be a jerk. Forced to become a pickpocket and thief at the suggestion of her father, she lived a life of petty crime until she turns of age and Archer requests that she become his bride. He remembers her from his past, she doesn't remember him exactly. She remembers a shadowy stranger, a man who once saved her and she subsequently dreamed of that man for years. Both have been enamored with the other since the day they met 3 years ago, only one is aware that their spouse is the one they've desired for so long. The love story in this book was really the highlight for me. In Victorian times, rarely did one marry for love. Status was always the motivator. In Lord and Lady Archer's case, love was the motivator, only Miranda didn't know that in the beginning. Their relationship was a slow progression, simply based on fear. If Archer revealed his true self, he could lose the only thing that brings light to his dark existence. He sees himself as a beast, after all. Miranda also hides her gift from Archer because no one could truly love someone so different. As I said before, the love story truly was the selling point for me. I am a sucker for love, after all :)Several interesting side characters were also introduced and some are again somewhat different. It will be really interesting to see exactly what these characters are, although they don't seem to be as mysterious a being as Archer was. In fact, one of the character's nature is revealed in a roundabout manner and I'm really looking forward to their story, which I think is next in Moonglow. I absolutely recommend this series for lovers of historical paranormals. This series isn't the typical fare - it's mystery wrapped in mystery topped off with mystery, with lovely love stories running right alongside the mystery. Callihan doesn't reveal anything really from the starting point, and I love the way she unwraps and reveals everything slowly. But don't fret - despite the slow pace of the unraveling, everything in-between is just as (if not more) exciting as figuring out the mystery components. why why why!!!!!!! I am really angry at myself for not reading this book earlier .beauty and the beast has always been my most favorite love story the whole concept of loving 'someone' for themselves rather than what they look like and sticking up for the one you love against all odds is what true love is all about this interpretation of the old fairy tale was so beautiful and poignant! the characters so beautiful and more importantly unlike most of the heroins in paranormal romances our heroin was not pathetic, self destructive and annoyingly naive this one had a brain in her head along with the heart in her chest. overall a fast-paced entertaining read.i am looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

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Need to find the second of these books now, so I can find out what happens next.

Truly amazing!!! Top of my favorite list

3.5 stars

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