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Almost (2000)

Almost (2000)

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About book Almost (2000)

This book was good and I liked it. I think that Anne Eliot did a great job at writing the story of a girl who has been suffering from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) and managed to make it heartwarming and fun to read. It's mainly a story about family, friendship, falling in love, and learning how to conquer your horrible past. Reading this book also helped me understand and become more aware about PTSD and how one could help people who are suffering from this.The storyline was great and I liked the message that the story was trying to convey to its readers. However, I'm not a huge fan of the writing; it was full of cliché and I find some of the characters to be kinda stereotyped. I also find the dialogue to be cheesy sometimes and some of the scenes were overly dramatic to the point that I feel like I'm watching a soap opera. On the other hand, it was still enjoyable to read and I liked all the characters. The story was narrated through the alternating POVs of Jess and Gray. Jess is a girl who has a strong personality. She's a likeable character, but in my opinion, she's a character that is hard to like. She's a girl who is going through a lot because of an unfortunate event that happened to her in a party when she was just fourteen. Because of this, she hides herself behind a mean girl persona that she created in order to somehow protect herself. The only times when I find myself really liking Jess were the times when she lets her guard down and show her real self. Gray is such a nice guy and I liked him a lot. He's the most selfless character in this book and I appreciate all the things that he did to help Jess realize that she's not alone and that people like him are always there for her.Jess and Gray's family and friends also play important roles in the story. I liked how supportive Jess' family is about her situation. Jess may not have a smooth relationship with her parents and younger sister, but she and her family never gave up on each other, especially during Jess' road to recovery. Gray also has a strong support system in the form of his grandmother and two best friends. For me, the romance aspect of the story was okay. The relationship between Gray and Jess was developed really well. I enjoyed reading the exchange of banter between them, as well as their sweet moments with each other.Overall, Almost was a good story and it was definitely worth the read. This book.OMG this book was so good.Honestly I was a bit put off by the cover and didn't know what to expect.But I am so glad I don't read books by their cover and I must sayI love itLove it.OMG Gray can I totally marry you?Ice hockey(check)Gorgeous(check)Caring and kind (check)He is totally drool worthy.I don't know what else to say ;)

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Beautiful. Heartbreaking book.

Amo todo de este libro,todo.

It's no so good for me


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