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All Lined Up (2014)

All Lined Up (2014)

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About book All Lined Up (2014)

AlLined Up is a one of my Top favorite romance reads of 2014! Football, Kisses, & Drama!Dallas thought going to college would be a new expereince, but not with her overbearing father being the new rusk university football coach. Never one for partys, and the typical things girls her age does. She's reluctent to join her best friend Stella to a party. BTW i loved stella, she was silly and outspoken. A perfect fit for dallas. While at the party dallas runs into her ex. Someone she rather stay far away from. While hiding out from the party, Dallas lands into the lap of Carson McClain. Litterly. New guy to the college football team. Sweet, and gourgeous. Carson is a total swoonworthy character, to fall for. With a freindship starts up from the very beginging, you'll be hoping that these two will open there eyes and see there ment to be. Dallas does alot of growing through out this book. She has to learn to become someone independent, someone who will follow her dreams. & Carson, with a lot hanging on the line, has to learn to juggle school, football, and this beautiful girl he is falling for. So he can have a future that's stable. With Drama, secrets, a overprotective father, and lots of romance, You'll be flipping through the pages as fast as you can. Dallas and carson are a book couple you'll want to re read just to experince them falling in love all over again. This is the first book I read from Cora and I wasn't disappointed. I really love her writing style and her characters are light and funny.I'm not really interested in football or any kind of sports whatsoever (except dancing, I loved that there was dancing in it) and I don't know jack about it but I liked this book so much. Almost all the characters were lovely and nice.Dallas was kind of like me but I'm not as much of a people pleaser as she is. Her character developement was beautiful and how she grew throughout the story fascinated me.Carson was a total dream guy everyone would fall for. Although I felt like he was searching himself at least half of the book, I think he found himself quite nicely by the end.Their relationship was very very real, not rushed at all. They started out as friends and slowly built their trust in each other. Why I still gave it four stars? Because their "big fight" seemed really exaggerated and how they hadn't talked for a while because of a small thing like that. And maybe I expected a bigger catarsis at the ending.But all in all, this was a real nice story and I already started the second book. :)

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I love Dallas and Carson, and can't wait to read the next book now!!

So cute! Read if you like the New Adult genre.

Sweet football read... PG 13 at best: )

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