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All God's Creatures (2004)

All God's Creatures (2004)

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About book All God's Creatures (2004)

This novel reads so much like the memoir of a real person; I had a hard time remembering that Dr. Maggie McLain is not a real, feisty female large animal veterinarian! The author’s end notes explain that she is a deeply committed ‘horse lover’ and essentially compiled multiple stories of various vets she knows to create this book. I really learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely! I am far from a animal lover but I know so many people who are so devoted to their pets that not only are the caring vets authentic but the various other rich characters who are the pet or live stock owners also rang true. I also identified with the experience of sexism that Maggie encounters in her early practice and her conflicts regarding her maternal love and concerns versus her job demands. Her unresolved issues with her adult children and her painful adjustment after the loss of her very supportive husband were wonderfully portrayed. Great read for animal fans as well people who enjoy women’s literature. I'm happy to see from other reviews that I'm not the only one who thought at first this was an actual memoir. Guess I didn't read the fine print on Amazon before I downloaded it.Yes, it is "Herriot-esque", and the animal stories are good if you are a Herriot fan (which I am). The personal stories are less successful. The main character's best friend and fellow vet is a cardboard cutout, for instance, and when the story started being more about Maggie and less about her vet practice, I lost interest.

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Very pleasant & enjoyable. It gives a fun look at the life of a vet. Easy read.

Absolutely wonderful read. It will make you laugh and cry, highly recommend

Anyone who has a relationship with a vet will enjoy this book.

Wonderful book by local author. Really enjoyed it!

01/15/08 rec via pbs

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