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Aşk Tuzağı (2011)

Aşk Tuzağı (2011)

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Martı Yayıncılık

About book Aşk Tuzağı (2011)

Another great book from one of my favorite authors. So many laugh out loud moments...the protagonist Jaclyn Wilde and romantic interest Eric Wilder are written with tremendous wit. The story moves along fine; my only criticism is that there are several points in the book where details of the protagonist's schedule are repeated. Once or even twice would be okay; more than that becomes distracting. I found myself skimming past these paragraphs. Love Linda Howard's characters and style of writing. Another I really like. It's a more in-depth book. She must have put a lot of research in it. The business of wedding planners is very realistic. I liked how the detective kept having to scrounge excuses to watch over her. The weddings are all so individual, but she doesn't get bogged down by letting them take over the story. The one in the barn, tho, that was the best. I really liked that one, liked how she brought it to life. I even think the murder was done - I can't believe I'm going to use this word, I'm normally not a punster - tastefully.

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Rereading this one. Read some time ago.

IT was an interesting read.

Good book.

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