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Adventure Time Vol. 1 (2012)

Adventure Time Vol. 1 (2012)

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1608862801 (ISBN13: 9781608862801)

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This book is about two best friends named Finn and Jake and their adventures. This book is a bunch of little stories but the main story in this book is when the evil skeleton gets broken out of his prison. When he gets out he make a goal of destroying everything. While he is destroying everything he sucks up Jake and Finn. He sends them to the desert kingdom. I really liked this book it was a fun comic. But what I didn’t like was that in the little thought bubbles there were a lot of words in little spaces. Almost too many. I think that the reading level for this book is 7th of 6th grade. I love adventure time so I'm very happy that I found out there are comics of it. I read this in like an hour and it was great. I love the graphics and the format. I especially loved the little foot notes left by the author which I found really funny. I loved the characters so much even from the show itself they are awesome and so this was no exception. the story line wasn't all that great which is why it wasn't a 5 stars for me but I am looking forward to picking up the other 2 volumes that are out for these comics cause I would love to see what other adventures Jake and Finn go on. 4 Stars.

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Hilarious. Made me want to watch the show.

Fantastic art and adventures.

so much fun

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