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Across The Universe (2011)

Across the Universe (2011)

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1595143971 (ISBN13: 9781595143976)

About book Across The Universe (2011)

I LOVE SCIENCE! And this book proves it. Great book for proplr who want action, even thought it starts slow at first, but it blast off after that. The imagination that is related to science in this book is very important. When my friend showed the book, I was like 'I don't know, is it good?' Because I have a really difficult taste when it comes to books. And I ended up reading about 100 pages in the first day! It shows how it is to have responsibility at a young age, how to deal with the problems that you face, and the action catches your attention so when you finish it you're like 'I love this book!' It was a slow read for me. My library categorized it under "dystopian." Dystopia usually excites me, but this particular book lacked excitement throughout. If I stopped halfway, I would've given this a poor review. But I pushed myself to finish it. The ending surprised me and made me want to read the sequel. I like the overall story, but I sadly did not connect to the characters very quickly. It was a gradual love. I recommend it, but also suggest that you read to the end, even though the slow-paced sections.

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Read this during my Typhoon Haiyan days :D i had nothing to do but read the series...

It is something that I would want to read but not re-read. It was an ok book.

this was so depressing -- and not in a good way



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