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Across The Hall (2010)

Across The Hall (2010)

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Central Avenue Publishing

About book Across The Hall (2010)

One word: PEARL.... Really?? Pearl?? Ugh. This book was boring. I actually skipped a few pages just to finish it. The P.O.V was not a good idea. It was a repeat of everything and there was really a lot of useless information. The characters were bad... conversations didn't make sense to me, I think Quinn is gay, Sylvia just sucks, Kai and Kerri.... epic failure in the friends department, Reed and Sloane was...okay...ish. I had high hopes for this book. It was a total waste of my time. One more thing: Just because you can describe a sex scene with words like PEARL, THRUST, PUCKERED, BUD, WHIMPER and CLENCH doesn't mean your can write GOOD books. Seriously, be more creative. I really enjoyed this story line but the book itself wasn't especially well written. Forget literary techniques - there was just plain bad grammar. Not sure if it was a poorly transferred transition to e-book? (purchased for Nook). I also found it difficult to come back from some of the flashback tangets and would find myself back tracking 6 or 7 pages to figure out where in the conversation the flashback had started to make sense of where it came back in.

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Definitely not the next Beautiful Disaster - but I did still enjoy it.

Loved it but what's next?



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