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Academy 7 (2009)

Academy 7 (2009)

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0142414379 (ISBN13: 9780142414378)

About book Academy 7 (2009)

This was a fun, fast-paced read. Suspenseful elements without being overdone, strong personal development of characters, a plot that was simple enough to be believable, but nuanced enough to hook me in.Several elements felt heavily borrowed from the Firefly series (in the space / Alliance area) and others from Harry Potter (why are the teachers wearing robes?). Fans of either might like this for that reason, or they might feel cheated. You decide.It's best not to think too hard, because not everything makes sense (see: robes, above; also, earth fruits, lock picking skills) but the details weren't so bothersome as to distract me from enjoying the book. They're just things I'd suggest the author address (or not repeat) if she was to do a sequel.(Read as an eBook) Let's see...Anne Osterlund did a good job of keeping us in the dark about both the main character's pasts, but when it came to the main even, it seemed a little dry compared to the characters hectic pasts. Also, the author seemed to have a hard time staying in a distant science fiction setting. It started off with a very distant galaxy feel, but slowly she stopped using certain lingo that gave it it's distant feel. (e.g. a space ship becomes a plane). However, the very subtle romance was nice compared to other novels where one page they hate each other and the next there madly in love. This one a bit slower and more realistic. I think the author could have pulled of a sequel very nicely as well.

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Vaguely remember reading this. I read this during the summer after 8th grade. :P

A wonderful story, beautifully blended together. Can't wait to get the next one

Original, fast-paced book with good plot.

I'm not sure why, but one of my favorites

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