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A Week In Winter (2012)

A Week in Winter (2012)

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About book A Week In Winter (2012)

Knowing that this was Maeve Binchy's last book certainly set a certain tone of finality to this book! In true Binchy style, this book is a series of short stories that all connect and intertwine and culminate at an Inn in Western Ireland. The book details how everyone ends up at the inn - from the owners to employees and the first few guests. It is a very sweet story full of interesting characters and tales. There isn't much plot or drama, so the book isn't a page turner, but something nice to share with your grandmother or to read on a wintery day in front of the fire. This book (audio book for drive time) was fun to meet all the different characters. Much like Whitethron Woods, this is a collection of histories of people prior to coming to Stone House B&B. Part of what I liked was feeling like I wanted to go to this B&B and meet Riger, Cheeky and Clara. Was it realistic? Probably not. It was a gentle read that was just a great sound to have in my ears too and from work.

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It worked until the hotel opened, then it fell apart.

A good story.


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