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A Wanted Man (2012)

A Wanted Man (2012)

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0385344333 (ISBN13: 9780385344333)
Delacorte Press

About book A Wanted Man (2012)

A good, not great continuation of the Jack Reacher series. I know the whole purpose of these books are Jack Reacher against the world, but I thought this one slowed down when he got out of the car with the hostage. Every thing seemed to perfectly align even more so than normal. I mean there are just so many difference coincidences that can happen, but this book had just one too many for me to find it even remotely plausible.The writing was once again solid and readable. The book read a lot faster than its 500+ pages, which I always find a nice thing. I am hoping the next book will finally have Reacher getting to Virginia, mostly because I was sick of reading about him just being a guy going to Virginia throughout this one. The girl there must be pretty special. This one follows right after "61 Hours" in Reacher time, so while it isn't the next book in the series, it is the next book in the series. "The Affair"is set back in time when Reacher is still in the Army, so it made sense to read this one next instead. Hoe Reacher manages to find this much trouble in three books over the course of maybe two weeks might stretch the imagination, but let it go. Cuz it's Reacher and he's doing his Reacher thing and that's the ride I'm here take. I really enjoy how much I learn and think when I'm reading Lee Child. This time the fun is all about government agencies and what I felt like was an accurate portrayal of them. Not that I know much, but it felt 'on'.

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This one just flew by: very fast paced. And, as always, a perfect Jack Reacher novel.

Just a good quick adventure read -- as expected.

Just started.

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