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A SEAL's Seduction (2013)

A SEAL's Seduction (2013)

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ARC Review: A SEALs Seduction by Tawny Weber14 Dec20121213-075116.jpgRating: 4 out of 5 StarsFrom publisher: Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon Current Status: Two weeks of enforced leave Mission: Distract himself in any way possible Obstacle: A woman who tempts him to break the rules…including his own!Navy SEAL Blake Landon (aka “Boy Scout”) knows the rule book inside and out. Checked. Rechecked. But when a mission ends badly, his entire team is ordered on leave. And that’s when Blake sees the tall redhead whose dark eyes suggest that the rules—especially those in bed—are made to be broken.Scientist Alexia Lane has sex on the brain—partly for work, but mostly because she needs a man who makes her girly parts do the happy dance. Her only no-no? No military dudes. But Blake’s rockin’ bod promises delicious pleasures, and Alexia is halfway to sexual Nirvana before she can find out he’s actually a Navy SEAL.And where one rule is broken, more are sure to follow….Uniformly Hot!The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell!My ReviewThank you to Harlequin Blaze and Netgalley for the opportunity to review. Okay let’s see where do we begin?We have a very smart and defiant female lead: only issue- the need to stay away from Navy boys and Military men in general! That comes undone when she meets Blake. Not realizing that he is a SEAL, and under her father’s command, until her fathers retirement party, Alexia engages in a few days worth of sex, fun and a lot of orgasms!Blake has just lost a member of his team and one of his best friends. Ordered to a mandatory 2 week leave, he finds himself spending a rocking few days with a specific redhead. Allowing himself to get close to someone and “break” his own rules of allowing himself to believe in more than just his job, Alexis changes his world and shifts it upside down.Both of their worlds are shattered when she learns that Blake is a SEAL and she feels betrayed while he feels hurt and angry at her behavior. She only had one rule: no military men….When Alexia is kidnapped, her father requests Blake and a specific SEAL team to rescue her. After eight months of thinking about her and wanting her, he accepts his mission and sets off to Alaska to rescue her.Wow!!! Blake in action, is probably one of the hottest things I’ve read in a while. Blake is conflicted between his feelings for Alexia and the basics of his training, yet he manages to pull through and bring her to safety where they end up sharing another night of passion.The novel was a quick read and my only complaint is that I wished it was slightly longer. I was happy that Blake and Alexia ended up overcoming their insecurities relating to their relationship. The characters were fun to read and the interaction between them seemed to flow very well. Their chemistry is definitely hot and not to be missed!If you are looking for a quick read…I definitely recommend Weber’s A SEALs Seduction.

Blake Landon is One HOT highly decorated Navy Seal. After one of the team and close friend is killed on a mission, everyone is ordered to take a two week mandatory R&R break. While away from duty Blake meets Alexia and her brother Michael not knowing she is the daughter of the Admiral.Alexia has always been brilliantly smart and has always clashed with her parents. She has always felt like her father treated her and her brother like the military men under his command. Basically If and order is given it is to be followed, no questions asked. So Alexia has made it her mission to avoid all military men when dating. When a second chance meeting happens between these two what is a girl to do? Well have intense sex for the next few days. But when Alexia learns Blake is not only a Navy Seal but that he has served under her father, she cuts all ties and refuses to let Blake back in. But forces will bring these two back together again, and in a way I did not see coming. This was a really good read that was offered through Harlequin for free. I truly enjoyed the relationship between brother & sister. I also enjoyed seeing the relationship between Alexia & her parents improve. And you also get a peak into what being a Navy Seal must be like. Also the passion between these two was ... Intense. I look forward to reading Cade Sullivan's story ... A Seal's Surrender

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A great story between a Navy SEAL and the Admiral's Daughter. It all begins with a one night, err, two night/three day romp. No questions asked, no last names given: Just hot animal sex with a break or two for some shut-eye and a bite to eat. Which of course leads to a case of unspoken truths between Blake and Alexia. Blake, who doesn't do relationships because he can't put the burden on someone waiting and worrying about him at home - his job is too dangerous. And Alexia, plain and simple, she doesn't do Navy SEALs.The heat and connection develop between Alexia and Blake fast and furious. They try to deny their feelings for each other, but a third party has different plans which bring the two together in an unexpected way.

A SEAL's Seduction4.5 StarsThe daughter of a Navy Admiral, Alexia Pierce, has sworn never to become involved with anyone in the military. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon is grieving the loss of a teammate and isn’t interested in a relationship. Neither of these facts can stop the intense chemistry and steamy passion that sizzles between them.The delightful characters and engaging premise make this a must read despite the inaccuracies in military jargon and protocol. Alexia and Blake’s romance grabs you from their start. Their chemistry is off the charts and their banter is sexy and fun, but there is also a more serious and emotional component to their connection. Moreover, they demonstrate the extent to which highly intelligent and capable individuals can be blind to the truth that is right in front of them. Thankfully, their idiocy is short-lived and even somewhat cute, and their angst ultimately heightens the tension toward the end. The minor action plot isn’t exactly the most thrilling, but is does add an element of excitement and adventure that compliments the romance. All in all, an entertaining way to spend a few hours and I’m eager to continue with this steamy series.

I picked this book up for two reasons. First, it was free. Second, I read Temptation, then Blaze for so many years, that I’m always hopeful that I’ll find that magic of the 1980s and 1990s. And . . . not so much.Let me be upfront. I don’t like police, firefighter, private eye, private security, or military heroes. For the most part, though, the hero’s job didn't bother me too much. It was the heroine’s job that: Drove Me Crazy. So our intrepid heroine is an acoustic psychologist or some such thing (I’m going to look it up.) who wants to treat sexual abuse victims with subliminal messages so they can get their groove on—and derive sexual pleasure from, well, sex. I’m not a abuse/trigger person so, that idea didn't bother me so much. There was one scene where she was describing her job to the hero and flirting with him at the same time. Rape and sexual abuse are so far from flirting and Navy SEAL sex that I was totally repelled by it. Every time her job came up, her parents or even the heroine herself kept talking about how her job was about ‘sex’ and how it was embarrassing to talk about in public. I could not help but cringe. Rape, abuse are not about sex, but power. Talking about it like it was really about sex offended my inner-feminist on so many levels.My other problem with the book was the lack of connection I felt between the characters, but I didn’t expect more. I haven’t gotten that in a Blaze in a very long time. So if you’re not offended by anything above, and like lots of military hero sex, then go forth and enjoy as long as it’s free.

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