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A Match Made In High School (2010)

A Match Made in High School (2010)

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1595142576 (ISBN13: 9781595142573)

About book A Match Made In High School (2010)

I wish I didn't try so hard to get this book because all the effort just wasn't worth it in the end. The storyline, though a popular cliché in books and fanfiction, wasn't so bad. The characters, however...In the beginning, I disliked Fiona. She was all about "me, me, me" and frankly, it was like I was reading the pov of a foul-mouthed immature middle school girl. She eventually made some development, but not much. Marcie (though more tolerable at the end) was no angel, either and the only things I found cute about Samantha were her red hair and forgiving attitude; what can I say, I adore redheads :) I could tolerate Johnny (kinda, but I still don't understand why he liked Fiona?) and Amanda (once we got past the whole one-dimensional dumb bitchy cheerleader thing) and maybe Todd (most of his and Fiona's jokes were just downright disgusting, though). Sigh...this book just...gave me a headache. Talk about judging a book by its synopsis. When i saw this, i'm not gonna lie i was a bit intrigued. Then i read the synopsis and had second thoughts but the comments said i should go for it and i did. Thank God i did because i haven't read a book that made me smile so much and laugh so hard in short intervals of time!I'm amazed that the author could imprint such wrong first impressions on the characters and have it completely turn around by the end of this book! Granted the first few pages seemed a bitt too fanfic-ish and i rolled my eyes a couple of times during the first pages, but makes up for it for the rest of the story. All in all, this is definitely a worthy read and if goodreads lets you rate between four stars and five, this definitely earned 4.5 stars :)

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Read in a day, super quick, easy read..nothing mind blowing but good nonetheless

Wonderful romantic catchy chick lit book! Read at once :).

This book was cute and i loved it.

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