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A Lesson In Secrets (2011)

A Lesson in Secrets (2011)

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About book A Lesson In Secrets (2011)

The series is moving on, and there have been several important changes in Maisie's life. Fittingly, this volume leaves the War behind, and is moving into the 1930s. The rise of early fascist movements is important in this book, which points ominously to developments to come. This book has her working for the secret service in Cambridge at the University. Again, I enjoyed the period details- the author has done her research. This book captures the times in which it is set very well. The British establishment being more concerned with the 'red peril' and ignoring, and in some cases welcoming, the approach of Nazi Germany. It also mirrors the rise of the peace movement although organisations such as the Peace Pledge Union are not mentione by name. I am not sure whether the University debate included was meant to be a fictional version of the famous 'King and Country' debate. With so many threads in the story, however, I found the actual detecting bit rather thin. An enjoyable read nevertheless.

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I really like the Maisie Dobbs series.

A good mystery, full of suspense

love this series!!

Not my favorite.

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