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A Killing Rain (2005)

A Killing Rain (2005)

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078601606X (ISBN13: 9780786016068)

About book A Killing Rain (2005)

Another great novel by the dynamic duo!I love these Louis Kincaid mystery novels. Each book brings an enormous level of suspense without being unbelievable and the crime scenes that are investigated are done with professionalism without being over the top and sensationalized. The events that occur in these mysteries are developed carefully and the writing style is so cohesive I was surprised that they are written by two people. Between the crimes themselves and the characters involved are seamless transitions and this Louis Kincaid guy keeps getting smarter and more skilled with each novel that follows. I also love the fact that these are stand-alone novels and do not need to be read in order just to understand. However by doing so you will get the complete back story on Kincaid.

This is another in the excellent series featuring detective Louis Kincaid. This time the ex-husband of Louis' current girlfriend snatches their son and Louis goes after him. Generally, I avoid books around stolen children. They are cheap as plot devices and way too predictable. But, Parrish avoids everything obvious and turns out an excellent story - once again. I am a little concerned, however, since their (P.J. is actually two sisters) website has been shut down. I hope they are busy writing instead.

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