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A Casa Negra (2009)

A Casa Negra (2009)

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About book A Casa Negra (2009)

Na realidade 4,5*! Só não dei as 5* porque adivinhei demasiado cedo a identidade do assassino, mas não as suas motivações.Um livro diferente do que estava à espera porque mais do que a investigação em si, retrata o regresso do "filho pródigo", neste caso o protagonista de toda história. Fin, um polícia amargurado por uma tragédia recente, vê-se envolvido numa investigação na sua terra natal, conhecendo a própria vítima. Desta forma, volta à ilha onde nasceu e que tentou deixar para trás, mas confronta-se com todo o seu passado.Numa escrita fluente e que nos envolve, Peter May agarra-nos completamente até à última página. Ansiosamente à espera do resto da trilogia... This Peter May is difficult for me to review. There are aspects of the isle of Lewis and the prime residents centered in this novel that grate on me, so my enjoyment level doesn't particularly parse with the more general reaction to the book. If you are looking for a sober and morose conceptual environment with closed in community of secrets and resentments, then this is the mystery for you. The plot is decent and the writing top heavy with location and minutia description for the environments and surrounding weather, buildings etc. Not so much for the depth of personality or loyalties of the characters themselves. Most humans are 50% closed doors with decades of practice in the shutting. Human warmth is a scarce commodity.IMHO, if you like Gaelic or Celtic sensibilities and/or manly tales of fishing in the North Seas, you will like these better than I.Peter May writes far better men than he does women. His women come off flat to me, and that takes away an entire star.

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Loved the detective and the setting on the Hebrides Islands. Mystery and travelogue. Well done!

Fab book, great evocative descriptions and a roller-coaster plot. Highly recommend!

An absolute page turner - couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

Great geographical and atmospheric setting and a twist at the end.

Good story, some unexpected twists.

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