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A Beautiful Wedding (2013)

A Beautiful Wedding (2013)

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1476759545 (ISBN13: 9781476759548)
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About book A Beautiful Wedding (2013)

I got this book yesterday and I couldn't wait to dive in to it after finishing Walking Disaster the other day (Review below). The cover of this book is amazing the colours that have been used are elegant, smart, inviting and beautiful.When this book started I was unsure of what to make of Abby having not read Beautiful Disaster so I didn't know her personality, however at the start she's doing it for the wrong reasons and its nice as the books goes on that she has changed and is doing it for the right reasons, with a little help from Travis's mum. Travis as always was the perfect gent. It really shows how family and friends can step up in people time of need. I think it was a really fitting end to the series. Everything has been explained there are no more questions to ask. Brilliant, it made me smile, laugh, there was clever trickery with the chapters which is worth looking out for. Its just brilliant, I was happy and sad to finish this book, but I left it feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Well done Jamie McGuire. 5 Stars Como siempre, Jamie McGuire escribe de una forma que te engancha, de una forma en la que leer el libro con agilidad es natural y habitual.Aunque al principio me ha decepcionado bastante y creía que terminaría odiando la boda de Travis y Abby, al final me he encontrado con una historia de amor preciosa, de superación, de pasión. Y realmente todas queremos a Travis Maddox, pero lo hacemos porque el amor que siente por Abby es el que toda chica y mujer quiere en su vida. Porque tanto sentimiento y tanta profundidad es una cura para el alma y McGuire ha conseguido una vez más que mi corazón lata por Travis.Estoy deseando conocer la historia de Trent, realmente creo que también es un Maddox encantador y que enamorará a todas las españolas.

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This was OK. I wanted something short and quick and this fit the bill.

Cute, easy story. Liked seeing the characters again.


travis and abby.

4,5 stars.

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