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22 Britannia Road (2011)

22 Britannia Road (2011)

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1611760038 (ISBN13: 9781611760033)
Penguin Group (USA)

About book 22 Britannia Road (2011)

This wonderful novel explores how the bonds of love and family can survive the harshest circumstances. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the couple at the heart of the novel -- Janusz and Silvana -- are torn apart and, many years later, reunited, together with their young son. But that seemingly happy ending is only the beginning of further trials they must endure and rise above. I realize this all sounds very cliche, but Hodgkinson's writing is beautiful, and the book is anything but overly sentimental or trite. I was both surprised and moved. Не харесах книгата през цялото време. Имаше ситуации, в които не повярвах; героите на места не ме убеждаваха, не разбирах логиката, действията им.Имаше и други моменти - в които в гърлото ме стягаше буца и аз преживях през чужди очи една война и всичко, което остава след нея. Всичко, което трябва да погребеш; всичко, за което не искаш да говориш и всичко, което трябва да споделиш.

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could have been so much more...very shallow character development. but short and sweet read.

Stunning debut novel!

a good book

Just ok.


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