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1984 (1949)

1984 (1949)

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About book 1984 (1949)

1984 o 2010?Un mondo dove si �� costantemente ascoltati e spiati. Dove la violenza �� la normalit��.Dove la lingua si impoverisce cos�� che le differenze possano essere indefinite. Dove la gente comune ha come unico interesse la lotteria. Dove il passato non esiste. Dove la libert�� �� schiavit�� e nulla �� vietato, tranne pensare. Profetico, inquietante. �� stata una lettura difficile e sofferta. Ma necessaria. George Orwell has big ideas and he's not a bad writer. it's a pity that the public tends only to engage his ideas superficially by labeling. "That's Orwellian!" may win points at dinner parties, but it's stupid and uncritical. Orwell didn't just point fingers but also offered many social theories, especially on the establishment and perpetuity of tyrannical governments. His recognition of the lust for pure power as a real human emotion capable of motivating human action is particularly insightful. So are his ideas on the intersections between the body and the social world. At the end of the day, however, Orwell is more of a political philosopher than a storyteller. His plot is just kind of compelling.

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This book scared the heck out of me. A lot of what George Orwell wrote in 1949 has come true today. The story is about set in 1984, where the world's 3 superpowers are in continuous war. Individual thinking is a crime, where the party dictates news, history, employment, everything down to each person's daily schedule. Big Brother, the leader of the party, is always watching via the telescreen, and if Big Brother tells you 2+2=5, then it must be the only truth. It is a scary read and quite depressing but it makes you realize how valuable is your individual freedom to think, act and voice your opinions.

This novel was truly prophetic, predicting the power of the modern NSA after the attack on the Twin Towers. The style was primarily didactic, I felt, written like an essay, but the novel was mostly political and didactic. I wouldn't say it was necessarily entertaining like the Percy Jackson books, but it was definitely eye-opening.To think! How far in advance Orwell predicted such a dystopia - or, at least, a modicum of security and intrusion into privacy - in the early 20th century, about 1984.I have not read Brave New World or The Handmaid's Tale, but surely, this would rank among those two.

This is a great book. Big brother's influence over the main character's psyche is very engrossing.

Favorite book of all time.

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