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Zane Grey

Zane Grey
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Books by Zane Grey


The Lone Star Ranger (2007)

This isn't cassettes, but a downloadable audio book from Recorded Books via my library & listened to on my MP3 player. Ed Sala is the narrator & at first I didn't think I was going to like his voice. It's kind of scratchy, old & often drops too low, but it really fits the story, except for when h...

The Lone Star Ranger (2007) by Zane Grey

The Last Trail (2007)

I fear I may have spoiled Zane Grey for myself by reading the best book first. I've read Riders of the purple sage, then The call of the canyon, and now The last trail. The quality has been in steady decline. Grey's main failing, to my mind, is his inability to create characters that speak for th...

The Last Trail (2007) by Zane Grey

The Man of the Forest (2000)

Although he started out as a cowboy and still occasionally visits the village of Pine, 30-year-old Milt Dale prefers the solitary life of a hunter. Roaming the White Mountains of Arizona accompanied only by his semi-tame cougar, Dale’s woodsmanship is sufficient to supply him with everything he n...

The Man of the Forest (2000) by Zane Grey

The Spirit of the Border (1981)

​Spirit of the Border (1906) by Zane Grey (1872-1939) is a historical novel about the American frontier during the American War of Independence (1775 - 1783). At this time, the United States' frontier began at Fort Pitt (present-day Pittsburgh), and the Ohio River was a main artery to penetrate t...

The Spirit of the Border (1981) by Zane Grey

Knights of the Range (1992)

One of the things a lot of people overlook is Zane Grey often showed the ignorance of racism and sexism in his stories by having one character voice the racist or sexist comment and then have the one subjected to the comment show them wrong.It's been a long time since I read Knights of the Range ...

Knights of the Range (1992) by Zane Grey

To the Last Man (2006)

This would for me be a 3.5 book (ah could we but give half stars). I don't rate it a 4 above as I didn't enjoy/like it as much as I have most to all of the books I rate 4 point... After all beyond that all that's left is a full 5. The book is much more of a romance than I look for. It reminds me ...

To the Last Man (2006) by Zane Grey

The Light of Western Stars (2006)

What an amazing ride! If only I could find more Zane Grey books like this one!I think perhaps the reason I like it so much is that it is told from the woman's perspective. I'm not really sure. I feel in love with every single on of "Majesty's" cowboys. None more so than Gene Stewart. What a man. ...

The Light of Western Stars (2006) by Zane Grey

Wanderer of the Wasteland (2005)

Zane Grey’s take on Homer’s Odyssey turns up in Wanderer of the Wasteland, the story of a boy named Adam who flees his past and a terrible crime. Adam seeks refuge in the desert, where life is unrelentingly hard and every day brings a battle against the alkali sands, scorching heat, lonely nights...

Wanderer of the Wasteland (2005) by Zane Grey

The Zane Grey Frontier Trilogy: Betty Zane, The Last Trail, The Spirit of the Border (2007)

Recently, my mother and I have been on a quest to find easy, entertaining fiction reads for my grandfather. He has blossomed into a reader late in life, and it is important for us to find titles that will be familiar to him in genre and setting. It just so happens that one of his favorite TV show...

The Zane Grey Frontier Trilogy: Betty Zane, The Last Trail, The Spirit of the Border (2007) by Zane Grey

Sunset Pass (1990)

A cowpuncher with the incomparably cliched name of Trueman Rock returns to the town of Wagontongue after six years away. He has a history of gunfights there, but has since gone straight. The town has "grown some" since he was last there, but some of Trueman's old friends have suffered economicall...

Sunset Pass (1990) by Zane Grey

The Heritage of the Desert (1988)

A "gentile" wanderer finds himself drawn into a feud in Mormon country among cattlemen and rustlers, while falling in love with a young woman who is not sure she wants to be Mormon. If you've read Riders Of The Purple Sage then when you read this one it'll be déjà vu all over again. The character...

The Heritage of the Desert (1988) by Zane Grey

The Redheaded Outfield (2004)

Light lunch-time reading.Definitely sports nostalgia (or pre-nostalgia, since it describes a sports world of the 1920s or 1930s), pedestrian, and small-time.I grew up watching the Pacific Coast League Los Angeles Angels, before the Dodgers moved to town, so, having liked some of Zane Grey's Weste...

The Redheaded Outfield (2004) by Zane Grey

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