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Susan Hill

Susan Hill
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Books by Susan Hill


Shadows in the Street (2000)

I picked this one up because it was written by the woman who wrote the Woman in Black and the Man in the Portrait, both Victorian style "horror" stories that I really liked. This one concerns her detective Simon Serrailler and the blurb on the back says this is "her most gripping psychological t...

Shadows in the Street (2000) by Susan Hill

The Risk of Darkness (2006)

When I came across Susan Hill as a judge for the 2011 Man Booker Prize, I remembered that she is best known for her ghost stories and her much hyped Mrs De Winter, a sequel to Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. More recently she has turned to writing crime stories featuring DCI Simon Serrailler. The Ri...

The Risk of Darkness (2006) by Susan Hill

The Pure in Heart (2006)

Ultra okay I had a good time with this author a few years ago and I remember the novel "The Various Haunts of Men" as being well written and a mystery that I wanted to continue..I was ready for more of the same with this book but unfortunately it ended terribly, built up a story...

The Pure in Heart (2006) by Susan Hill

The Woman in Black (2001)

Originally Reviewed on The Book SmugglersOn a crisp Christmas eve, the elderly Arthur Kipps rests contentedly in front of a roaring fire, surrounded by his stepchildren and loving wife Esme. All is at peace with Arthur's world; all is as it should be. But when the young men start to tell ghost st...

The Woman in Black (2001) by Susan Hill

The Various Haunts of Men (2007)

Basic OverviewThe Various Haunts of Men centers on a series of disappearances in the English town of Lafferton. The first to disappear is a spinster who leads a quiet, regimented life ... but leaves behind one out-of-character clue in her sterile, empty home. Although Freya Graffham -- the talent...

The Various Haunts of Men (2007) by Susan Hill

Mrs. De Winter (1999)

It must take a brave author to do a follow on book to Daphne Du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’, but this is what Susan Hill has done. I think Rebecca was calling out for a sequel though – when I read the book I kept looking for more pages to read, the ending was so underwhelming.The good points of Susan H...

Mrs. De Winter (1999) by Susan Hill

The Vows of Silence (2015)

Where I got the book: audiobook on Audible.Ah, Lafferton, Lafferton. A small cathedral town must be a terrible place to live if serial killers pop up as regularly as they do in this series—I wouldn’t dare leave the house. Add in the high incidence of Sudden Death from natural causes, suicide and ...

The Vows of Silence (2015) by Susan Hill

The Boy Who Taught the Beekeeper to Read: and Other Stories (2004)

Having just finished one book of short stories, I didn't expect to follow it with another, but I found this lying around and after I read the very contrasting reviews on GR, decided to make up my own mind before starting something meatier.They are good, but all are concerned with loss in some for...

The Boy Who Taught the Beekeeper to Read: and Other Stories (2004) by Susan Hill

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