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Stella Cameron

Stella Cameron
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Books by Stella Cameron


Darkness Bound (2012)

I am so glad I read this book! Niles is a werehound fighting against werewolves. His species are dying out and they need females with special blood to hopefully reproduce. Sounds like a million other books we have read right....WRONG! Stella is an amazing story teller! I love Niles attempts to t...

Darkness Bound (2012) by Stella Cameron

Out of Mind (2010)

This continuing story of the Milet family was even better than the first. This is Willow and Ben's story. 2 yrs ago she drove him away from her because she felt his Pn talents were too far above hers and he would never be happy with her, this was brought to her attention by Ben's sister Poppy.Wi...

Out of Mind (2010) by Stella Cameron

A Marked Man (2008)

I liked how descriptive the book was, at first. The relationship between the two mains was a little too odd for my liking. I thought that the line between consent and force was a little hazy between them, so that made me uneasy. Overall, the s3x was just odd, 'pony riding' (my faced is scrunched ...

A Marked Man (2008) by Stella Cameron

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