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Sergei Lukyanenko

Sergei Lukyanenko
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Books by Sergei Lukyanenko


Twilight Watch (2007)

I really wanted to finish this before 2008 ended, but travel, a hectic schedule and a new mini-PC conspired against me. Ah well, such is life.This world is one that is riddled with possibilities. Even though Lukyanenko has been pretty single-minded in his themes throughout the trilogy, there's ...

Twilight Watch (2007) by Sergei Lukyanenko

Day Watch (2007)

2014: *** The reasons why I will never read another one of Lukyanenko's books are at the bottom of this review *** ----------2013: Unless you happen to be a chessmaster in the neverending chess game of life, you are nothing but a pawn to be sacrificed when the strategy demands it. "The game i...

Day Watch (2007) by Sergei Lukyanenko

The Last Watch (2009)

„There are far more reasons for death than there are for life.” After a bit bleak third book from the series, Watch is back on top. It may not be better than Night Watch, but it's definitely my favorite in the series. The saga is still one big festival of misogyny, but at least it's extraordinar...

The Last Watch (2009) by Sergei Lukyanenko

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