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Rose Tremain

Rose Tremain
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Books by Rose Tremain


Merivel: A Man of His Time (2012)

I won this Free book throught Goodreads first-reads. Merival,a doctor, travels to France from England. When his daughter is stricken with typhus, he is able to cure her. He also removes a woman's cancerous tumor. He had good doctoring skills. He spend...

Merivel: A Man of His Time (2012) by Rose Tremain

Restoration (1994)

You may be familiar with the Restoration and Charles II. Or maybe not. Regardless, Rose Tremain gives this historical period double-meaning in her novel, “Restoration”. “Restoration” is a novel which can’t be ignored as it is simply “alive” with sounds, emotions, and colors immediately jumping f...

Restoration (1994) by Rose Tremain

The Colour (2004)

Having finished this book, I have decided to rewrite the review. Here is what I like about this writer and this novel:First of all I am impressed with the author's ability to create this story from nothing. The story seems so real, the people seem real. Out of nothing she has created a world that...

The Colour (2004) by Rose Tremain

The Way I Found Her (1999)

This one left me in tears. Literally. The last 75 pages just got to me. The plot is fairly simple, Lewis Little, 13, spends the summer in Paris with his mother, who is translating the latest medieval romance novel from Valentina Gavril as she writes it. The summer is hot and Lewis is becoming a t...

The Way I Found Her (1999) by Rose Tremain

The Darkness Of Wallis Simpson (2006)

Description: Wallis Simpson, the twice-divorced American woman for whom Edward Vlll abdicated in 1936, ended her life as the prisoner of her lawyer who would not allow anyone - friend, foe or journalist - to visit her in her Paris flat. Rose Tremain takes this true story and transforms it into an...

The Darkness Of Wallis Simpson (2006) by Rose Tremain

Sacred Country (1995)

"I felt my heart jump about inside my aertex blouse. I felt thirsty and very peculiarly sad. I thought I might cry, which was a thing I never did, but sometimes you cry with your face and your mind isn't in it, but somewhere else, watching you. It was like that. It was my face that felt sad" (14)...

Sacred Country (1995) by Rose Tremain

The Road Home (2007)

The plot is fairly straightforward: Lev has recently emigrated from an unnamed Eastern European country to find work in London. He meets people in this unfamiliar city that help him find his way and, when tragedy strikes back home, he finds a way to combine what he's learned in his new life with ...

The Road Home (2007) by Rose Tremain

The Colonel's Daughter (1999)

In the brilliant, action-packed, title story of this collection, Rose Tremain single-handedly renews our faith in the potential of the short story form. By writing a story in which - heaven forfend - something actually happens, she reclaims the form from those crafty vampires who try to hold i...

The Colonel's Daughter (1999) by Rose Tremain

The Swimming Pool Season (2003)

Oh what do we do with Rose Tremain? She either writes absolute corkers - Restoration, The Colour, The Road Home - or she misses the mark by a country mile - and yet the makings of a great book are hidden in there somewhere. Her better books are her later books, which is encouraging - and also th...

The Swimming Pool Season (2003) by Rose Tremain

Letter To Sister Benedicta (1999)

This is a good read all in all, but not the best of Rose Tremain's. I have always been really impressed by her books, less so with this but then it is one of her first. The story is narrated by Ruby who is writing to a nun she remembers from her childhood in a convent school in India as she waits...

Letter To Sister Benedicta (1999) by Rose Tremain

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