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Robert Charles Wilson

Robert Charles Wilson
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Books by Robert Charles Wilson


Julian (Apostat. Fugitif. Conquérant.) (2011)

21 Words or Less: A captivating (though fictional) biography of an influential man in a future America that looks and feels more like the past.[return][return]Rating: 4.5/5 stars[return][return]The Good: Extremely high �readability� factor with prose that jumps right off the page, a setting that ...

Julian (Apostat. Fugitif. Conquérant.) (2011) by Robert Charles Wilson

Darwinia (1999)

Originally posted at: Law was born two years shy of the turn of the century. He lives vicariously through the sciences and world-changing theories he reads about in magazines, imagining himself as part of a much larger and quantifiable 20th Centur...

Darwinia (1999) by Robert Charles Wilson

A Hidden Place (2002)

review from 1986In one of the most intelligent cover quotes ever, Michael Bishop calls A Hidden Place "reminiscent of vintage Theodore Sturgeon in its moving and authentic evocations of place and people." In a genre dominated by ideas, Sturgeon stood out as an author prepared to deal with charact...

A Hidden Place (2002) by Robert Charles Wilson

Blind Lake (2004)

I started reading this book thinking that it would be entertaining and a light read. I had liked Robert Charles Wilson’s “Chronoliths” and I thought “Spin” was extremely good. So, when I got an recommendation for “Blind Lake,” I thought it sounded interesting enough to order. I expe...

Blind Lake (2004) by Robert Charles Wilson

The Chronoliths (2002)

The concept of time travel is often fantasized within fiction as something fanciful and fun. Though journeys through time are rarely without consequence, they still fall into the category of adventure rather than catastrophe. Being a fan of TV shows like Doctor Who, I enjoy these exciting loops o...

The Chronoliths (2002) by Robert Charles Wilson

Bios (2000)

Bios was a quick, fun read. Only 207 pages and chalked full of ideas, it read like a novella, maybe even like a short story. Indeed, the main downfall of Bios is that it presented too many ideas. There was too much to chew on and digest for a book of that length. The characters were developed...

Bios (2000) by Robert Charles Wilson

A Bridge of Years (1991)

A BRIDGE OF YEARS is an older title by Robert Charles Wilson (1991) but one I had somehow overlooked or missed over the years. It’s similar in my mind to both 11/22/63 by Stephen King and one by the great Clifford D. Simak so old that it must be out of print (?)--WAY STATION. Simak’s classic was ...

A Bridge of Years (1991) by Robert Charles Wilson

Mysterium (1995)

Mysterium_ by Robert Charles Wilson is a skillfully written, engrossing earlier work of the author's, one that hasn’t gotten anywhere near the attention of his other works (such as _Darwinia_, _Bios_, and _The Chronoliths_). _Mysterium_ is a book one could place in the "island in the sea of time"...

Mysterium (1995) by Robert Charles Wilson

Spin (2006)

First off, my breakdown of the basics:Narrative: 5-stars. Highly intelligent, compelling, wonderful world-building. It's a novel of grand ideas yet somehow, it maintained a certain sense of intimacy. While this is, at heart, sci-fi, it deals with many things including science, religion, faith,...

Spin (2006) by Robert Charles Wilson

The Perseids and Other Stories (2001)

I've read and never less than enjoyed (more usually been bowled over by) several of Wilson's novels but not encountered his short fiction before. This is his first and so far only collection -- nine tales, most of novelette length -- and it most assuredly doesn't disappoint. If there's a weak sto...

The Perseids and Other Stories (2001) by Robert Charles Wilson

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