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Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins
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Books by Paul Watkins


The Promise of Light: A Novel (2000)

I like Watkins' style, reminding me somewhat of Hemingway. His prose seems very laid-back, almost lethargic, yet his action sequences of fighting in the war take your breath away.I love the set up...the father dying because what would seem to be a straightforward blood transfusion fails because B...

The Promise of Light: A Novel (2000) by Paul Watkins

Thunder God (2015)

It is the tenth century, the Viking era is waning and Christianity beginning to supersede the old Norse beliefs. Hakon is a young boy brought up on the Norwegian coast, and, having survived being struck by lightning, he is chosen to be the priest of the old religion and keeper of its secrets. But...

Thunder God (2015) by Paul Watkins

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