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Matthew Stadler

Matthew Stadler
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Books by Matthew Stadler


Landscape: Memory (1990)

Max is obsessed with understanding memory, and to help him he is encouraged to keep a record of his daily life as he sees it. Max is sixteen years old, the date he starts his record is August 1914, and the place is San Francisco. It is just a few years after the devastating earthquake, and constr...

Landscape: Memory (1990) by Matthew Stadler

Allan Stein (1999)

An epheboph This book was so close to being an utter bore that I thought about putting it down for good on a few occasions. Its style lacks the range for its intended atmospherics effects, creating vast blocks of run-on paragraphs with repetitive diction and sentences that are confusing, if not ...

Allan Stein (1999) by Matthew Stadler

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