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Matt Christopher

Matt Christopher
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Books by Matt Christopher


The Kid Who Only Hit Homers (1986)

I read “The Kid Who Only Hit Homers” by Matt Christopher. This book was very good. Sylvester Coddmyer III loved baseball, but he was not very good. He wanted to try out for the Hooper Redbirds baseball team, but he doesn’t think that he was good enough to play on the team. He didn’t sign up f...

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers (1986) by Matt Christopher

Tough to Tackle (1987)

Tough to Tackle was a good book in my opinion. Boots Raymond has always had a dream about playing quarterback for the Apollos. The only problem is Boots is a bigger kid than the coach wants to put at QB. When he goes and tries out for the team. The coach he really wants to play QB, the coach tol...

Tough to Tackle (1987) by Matt Christopher

Soccer Duel: There are two sides to every story... (2000)

Renny was late for his soccer game in the morning. His alarm didn’t wake him up. Renny just rushed out of the house so he won’t get more late then he already was. Renny’s parents got divorced a year ago in Haverford so thats why Renny and his mother moved to Crestmont. Renny played center striker...

Soccer Duel: There are two sides to every story... (2000) by Matt Christopher

Catch That Pass! (1989)

I read “Catch That Pass” by Matt Christopher. “Catch That Pass,” was a book about Jim Nardi, who is a very good football player for the Vulcans, but he has a problem. He is afraid to take a hit. He is a linebacker and he loves hitting people, but when he intercepts a pass, he drops it because h...

Catch That Pass! (1989) by Matt Christopher

Look Who's Playing First Base (1987)

This book is about this kid who moved to the United States a week ago. A person left my baseball team and we needed someone to replace him at first base. He didn't know who to choose so he picked the new kid. The new kid was horrible in practice! Thats when are catcher didnt like the new kid and ...

Look Who's Playing First Base (1987) by Matt Christopher

Catcher with a Glass Arm (1985)

The book “Catcher with a Glass Arm” by Matt Christopher is about a middle school baseball player named Jody. He plays catcher for his team but struggles with his throwing to bases. Because of this, opposing teams steal on him a lot and cause him to make many errors. During one of the games early ...

Catcher with a Glass Arm (1985) by Matt Christopher

Skateboard Renegade (2000)

The book Skateboard Renegade started out with Zach the protagonist getting accepted into a prestige school named Amherst. This meant he had to leave his old friends at Brighton so; he ended up not being too thrilled about his acceptance. He started to feel peer pressure from his friend Brian many...

Skateboard Renegade (2000) by Matt Christopher

The Lucky Baseball Bat (Springboard Books) (1993)

Martin was your average baseball player. He kind of new the rules but didn't really know what to do in certain scenarios. The coach put Martin in the outfield, so he would get playing time. He really wouldn't get any action because not to many people could hit that far. When it was his turn to ba...

The Lucky Baseball Bat (Springboard Books) (1993) by Matt Christopher

Soccer Halfback (1985)

soccer half back is about a boy who can't decide which sport he wants to end up playing. He is tied between football and soccer and he doesn't know what he is going to keep on playing throughout High school and college. He decides to play soccer because he realizes that he is a natural and he has...

Soccer Halfback (1985) by Matt Christopher

Wheel Wizards (2009)

This book is about a boy named Seth who suffers a spinal injury that lands him in a wheelchair. He is very upset by this because he loves to play basketball and believes he will never be able to play again, until he meets another boy older than him in a wheelchair that plays basketball. For the n...

Wheel Wizards (2009) by Matt Christopher

Hard Drive to Short (1991)

I read this with my oldest. This was written in the 1970's and it's obvious - Sandy (boy) has to leave the baseball games early to go watch his sisters. He doesn't want to tell anyone - it might ruin his image! That leads the team to think he's getting special treatment. Etc. --- but the baseball...

Hard Drive to Short (1991) by Matt Christopher

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