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Lynn Emery

Lynn Emery
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Books by Lynn Emery


Tell Me Something Good: Louisiana Love Series: City Girls (2012)

I could not put this book. I started reading it the night it got here in the mail. The story line kept me hooked until 3 am when I finished the book. The people in the book where one of a kind. There is not much I can say is wrong with this book except the typos the editor should have caught them...

Tell Me Something Good: Louisiana Love Series: City Girls (2012) by Lynn Emery

Sweet Mystery (2013)

I'd like to thank the author for giving me a chance to read and review this book. I was a little skeptical at first when i started reading because i don't usually read books that involve dark secrets, murder but as i started to progress further in the book i started lovin it. My favourite charact...

Sweet Mystery (2013) by Lynn Emery

Night Magic (2012)

This book you will not want to put off after reading a few chapters. Lynn Emery wrote a great contemporary romance. The chemistry between the main characters is amazing, and I like also the writing style of the author. At the beginning it seemed to me that the book will be full of sad events and ...

Night Magic (2012) by Lynn Emery

Tender Touch (2014)

I won a copy through First Reads and was definitely not disappointed!I cant put this book down, mainly the parts about Damon and Jade. I loved this book so much. I loved Damon and Jade. I am so happy they did get back together. I never liked his ex-wife Rachelle. I really hope you do a second boo...

Tender Touch (2014) by Lynn Emery

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