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John Varley

John Varley
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Books by John Varley


Mammoth (2005)

Mammoth opens with one of the best teases, well, ever. It's evocative, exciting, and incredibly promising. And maybe it's the way these things always go, but I found the unspooling of that tease incredibly unsatisfying. Varley is working here on solid, unimaginative genre ground; a mid-level Greg...

Mammoth (2005) by John Varley

Demon (1987)

I review all three books here (Titan, Wizard and Demon).Ah, Varley, what am I to do with you?First and foremost, this trilogy is highly enjoyable, if quirky and eccentric in some places. Varley has a strong sense of how people work and his wisdom in his understanding of human interaction plays w...

Demon (1987) by John Varley

Millennium (1999)

It is incredibly difficult to write. Moreover, it's damn near impossible to write well. With that said, I really tried to enjoy Millenium but in the end it just didn't work for me. It's too bad because the premise is creative. Hell, I even enjoyed the movie with Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd...

Millennium (1999) by John Varley

The Ophiuchi Hotline (2003)

When I first began to read Varley's future history, I didn't realize something that comes through very clearly here: the society as described is based on mass murder. The process of memory recording is not murder (yet). It becomes so when clone bodies are 'grown', and then not allowed to devel...

The Ophiuchi Hotline (2003) by John Varley

Red Lightning (2007)

Having reviewed the first of this series (Red Thunder) and being pretty impressed, I quickly moved on to the second of John’s books in this series.As I had hoped, this is an interesting novel with many of the pleasing attributes of the first. It is, in simple terms, Red Thunder: the Next Generati...

Red Lightning (2007) by John Varley

The Persistence of Vision (1988)

זמורה ביתן, 1987, 267 ע"מתשעה סיפורים קצרים המתרחשים בעולמות רחוקים ושונים. לכל סיפור יש פואנטה שמדגימה את ההבנה העמוקה שנמצאת מעבר לקיום הנוכחי.רוח רפאים מקנזס - מה קורה כאשר הרוצח וקורבנו נפגשים. פוקס, אומנית סיבתנית, נרצחת וחוזרת לחיים 3 פעמים. בפעם הרביעית היא מתכננת להביס את רוצחה בכל מחיר.פ...

The Persistence of Vision (1988) by John Varley

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