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Joan D. Vinge

Joan D. Vinge
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Books by Joan D. Vinge


Dreamfall (2004)

I feel like I'm coming out of dreamfall myself—a long waking dream that started when I began reading the Cat series. Book lovers know what I'm talking about: your non-reading time feels like a haze, because you're not aware of the here and now. You're still inside the novel. While Psion was more ...

Dreamfall (2004) by Joan D. Vinge

Ladyhawke (1985)

O tema da última rodada do ano no Clube do Livro foi “livros sessão da tarde” – no sentido de livros que inspiraram ou foram inspirados por filmes clássicos da sessão da tarde. Em outras palavras, dezembro foi um debate pura nostalgia – especialmente a se considerar que o título que ganhou na vot...

Ladyhawke (1985) by Joan D. Vinge

The Summer Queen (2003)

Moon Dawntreader is a reluctant Summer Queen whose dream to be a sibyl was realized only to find it isn't quite what she thought it would be. When the network you believed to be an access to truth and spirit is actually an outdated computer system that's failing on top of that, you can get a litt...

The Summer Queen (2003) by Joan D. Vinge

Psion (2007)

Cat is an orphan turned street punk in the futuristic world of Ardattee, where human civilization has congregated in its new hub centuries ago. Living in the slums isn't easy, and people always seem unusually eager to hurt him, but he lives with it because he knows nothing else. Then one day he's...

Psion (2007) by Joan D. Vinge

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