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Jo Bannister

Jo Bannister
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Books by Jo Bannister


Echoes of Lies (2001)

I really enjoyed Jo Bannister's Castlemere series but I had a few reservations about trying other books by her in case I didn't find them as interesting or gripping. I think I was wrong to be worried but I still didn't like this as much as I do the Castlemere series.This book is about what happe...

Echoes of Lies (2001) by Jo Bannister

The Hireling's Tale (1999)

Another excellent book, the sixth in the series and the third I've read. I'm now actively searching for the first three books about the Castlemere detectives which all seem to be out of print.Bannister's talent is to bring large events to a small town and yet make them seem realistic there. Other...

The Hireling's Tale (1999) by Jo Bannister

A Bleeding of Innocents (1997)

The English village of Castlemere is being rocked to its roots by a series of deaths. In the first, Detective Inspector Alan Clarke is a victim of a hit-and-run. Also gravely wounded is Detective Sergeant Cal Donovan. Donovan is convinced that this was no accident but rather a cold-blooded murde...

A Bleeding of Innocents (1997) by Jo Bannister

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