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Jim Shepard

Jim Shepard
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Books by Jim Shepard


Kiss of the Wolf (1995)

It took me a moment to get into Kiss of the Wolf although I already had read enough of Shepard's shorter stories to know I liked his writing style. I think the problem was my inability to connect with his characters early on. Indeed, even by the end of KotW, I still felt that these people were ...

Kiss of the Wolf (1995) by Jim Shepard

Project X (2005)

In the aftermath of the Columbine High School Shootings in 1999, countless reporters and commentators repeated similar versions of the same phrase over and over again: "People are wondering how something like this could happen."Jim Shepard knows.Project X is one of the few books that has ever hon...

Project X (2005) by Jim Shepard

Lights Out in the Reptile House (1990)

"Take for example the prisoner who was sitting here yesterday recording the session. What he intuited some time a go was that there was nothing a man wouldn't do to save himself, and having saved himself, there was nothing he wouldn't do for increasingly tirvial reasons, and that eventually he fi...

Lights Out in the Reptile House (1990) by Jim Shepard

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