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Jill Churchill

Jill Churchill
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Books by Jill Churchill


War and Peas (1997)

Anyone who has read a book by Jill Churchill will recognize that she is a very talented author who provides mystery with a wonderful sense of humor.This book is exactly that, a mystery filled with terrific humor.As the story opens, Jane and Shelley are in the hot sun, crossing a field during a Ci...

War and Peas (1997) by Jill Churchill

The Merchant of Menace (1999)

I love this series of Jane Jeffry mysteries. They are quick reads and have quirky plots. And this one didn't disappoint. Jane and her neighbor are in the midst of preparing for 2 big Christmas parties Jane is having when things start to fall apart. Their new neighbor puts up the house decorations...

The Merchant of Menace (1999) by Jill Churchill

A Knife to Remember (1999)

Jane Jeffry, Shelley Nowack, and the rest of their neighbors are thrilled that a Hollywood movie is being filmed in the field behind their houses. Initially they enjoy meeting actors such as Lynette Harwell and George Abington as well as director Roberto Cavagnari. They also enjoy the glimpses in...

A Knife to Remember (1999) by Jill Churchill

Silence of the Hams (1996)

Jane Jeffrey's oldest son is growing up. He is graduating from high school and working part time at a local deli to earn some money. Jane thinks the only thing she needs to worry about Mike is that he be careful while driving the truck she gave him as a graduation present. But when obnoxious atto...

Silence of the Hams (1996) by Jill Churchill

A Midsummer Night's Scream (2005)

The obvious theme of A Midsummer Night's Scream is the theater, but this book had a lot more going on than that. We see Jane making progress in her blossoming career as a author, Shelley testing caterers, and the the two of them taking a needlepoint class. With so many different activities going ...

A Midsummer Night's Scream (2005) by Jill Churchill

Who's Sorry Now? (2006)

This was my first Jill Churchill book, chosen more or less at random from the library. It is the sixth in a series called the Grace and Favor Mysteries, featuring Robert and Lily Brewster. Robert and Lily are siblings, whose great-uncle left them a sizable fortune, with a few conditions. They sta...

Who's Sorry Now? (2006) by Jill Churchill

A Groom with a View (2000)

I love a wedding themed cozy and A Groom with a View has everything from the initial planning to the reception. Unfortunately, it is also hugely predictable. The killer was obvious when first introduced, well before anyone was murdered. You didn't know who was going to die or why, but it was cert...

A Groom with a View (2000) by Jill Churchill

Fear of Frying (1998)

For a light and quick weekend read, Jill Churchill's Fear of Frying fit the bill. For those of you unfamiliar with Churchill's Jane Jeffrys series (of which this is the ninth installment), amateur sleuth Jane is a single mother who likes to cook and/or eat, and has a detective boyfriend (a no-sho...

Fear of Frying (1998) by Jill Churchill

Mulch Ado About Nothing (2001)

Well, yes, it is just a week out of a suburban mom's life. She gets a cast at the beginning and clumps about through the story. Nothing too gory or gripping, yet the pace is quick, witty and realistic. Just an imaginative woman wondering about a mystery then a death and building theories with ...

Mulch Ado About Nothing (2001) by Jill Churchill

The House of Seven Mabels (2003)

Somewhat feministic anti-feminism mysteryDont waste your time. I kept forgetting about this book and would have to try and remember what happened the last time I read it. To actually finish the book I had to leave it on my night stand so I'd remember to read it. I would've just left it unread,...

The House of Seven Mabels (2003) by Jill Churchill

Grime and Punishment (1992)

GRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Jill Churchill is 246 pages in length in paperback form. It is #1 in a Jane Jeffry Mystery.Brief Description:It's So hard to Kill Good Help These Days. . .With three kids to raise on her own, Jane Jeffry sometimes needs a hand with the housework. But many of her complainin...

Grime and Punishment (1992) by Jill Churchill

The Class Menagerie (1999)

"I have a sergeant who claims that peanut butter is a good investigative tool. He says you can tell where a person is from by what they add to peanut butter sandwiches. Bacon means they came from Philadelphia, bananas mean Memphis or maybe Tupelo. Jelly means different places, depending on the ki...

The Class Menagerie (1999) by Jill Churchill

A Quiche Before Dying (1993)

Jane Jeffry's mother Cecily is in town on a visit and she and Jane sign up for a writing class at the local community center. Cecily has traveled all over the world and thinks the class on writing autobiographies is a good way of preserving her memories. Jane and her friend Shelley Nowack are tak...

A Quiche Before Dying (1993) by Jill Churchill

Bell, Book, and Scandal (2004)

I should have known this book was going to be tedious when the first several chapters were all about buying a new car and being shocked and awed by the features. Seriously, who is amazed at a car remote? Or a cell phone for that matter? And why would someone who just had their stomach pumped and ...

Bell, Book, and Scandal (2004) by Jill Churchill

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