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James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke
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Books by James Lee Burke


Il prezzo della vergogna (2009)

James Lee Burke is old school, and his main characters—Dave Robicheaux and Cletus Purcel are old school detectives. They are hard men and not without their own flaws. Dave is literally wrecked with old school Catholic guilt, memories of Vietnam, and the guilt that comes from alcoholism and his ...

Il prezzo della vergogna (2009) by James Lee Burke

Creole Belle (2012)

Note: This was an “audio read” I am trying to figure out why I am so late in discovering these marvelous characters and even better writer. While I was seriously in awe of some of his writing, I was equally caught up in the plot and the characters. Gut wrenching, emotional, surprising, lyrical… I...

Creole Belle (2012) by James Lee Burke

Rain Gods (2009)

As good a book as any to see if you like Burke’s style of leisurely, philosophical crime novels. It’s the second in one of his minor series, about an old Korean War vet who is sheriff in a remote Texas county. This one focuses on nine young women massacred and buried in a churchyard as various hi...

Rain Gods (2009) by James Lee Burke

Regengötter: Thriller (2014)

I wanted a long read for a long airplane trip... cross the country and back... and Rain Gods provided it. This, I discovered, was the second of three novels featuring now middle aged Sheriff Hack Holland. Burke cuts to the chase in the opening chapter, in which nine young women are massacred, and...

Regengötter: Thriller (2014) by James Lee Burke

Sunset Limited (2002)

four and one-half stars out of fiveA Few Thoughts on Morals and Dave RobicheauxIn all likelihood I will never read a James Lee Burke book and give it less than three stars and it’s more likely to give it four or five stars. With that said, the vast number of characters in Burke’s books seems to ...

Sunset Limited (2002) by James Lee Burke

In The Moon Of Red Ponies (2004)

Burke tells a story of the country around Missoula Montana and includes relations with American Indians and corporations that set their own gains above ecological benefit.Johnny American Horse is a war hero. He's an American Indian attempting to stop oil companies from drilling on Indian Land. ...

In The Moon Of Red Ponies (2004) by James Lee Burke

Black Cherry Blues (1990)

Wow. I can give this book a short review for someone considering reading it, and I want to go more in depth, because this man has a lot going on.So here's the short version of this Edgar winning novel: the story line holds together w/o pause, slow spot, or error, but it's more than that. The deve...

Black Cherry Blues (1990) by James Lee Burke

The Lost Get-Back Boogie (2006)

I'm just amazed at the ability of James Lee Burke to create characters who have such depth as Ivy Paret the ex-con who served his time in Angola (Louisiana) and is trying to begin a new life far away from his home town. All of Burke's guys, his characters, think about right and wrong; about tryi...

The Lost Get-Back Boogie (2006) by James Lee Burke

A Morning for Flamingos (2015)

"Non dire niente. Sei troppo serio. È tutta una gran commedia, amico. Alla fine della fiera si muore tutti, e si resta morti per molto tempo. È una grande inculata, da qualsiasi parte la si guardi."Quarto volume della serie Dave Robicheaux, si conferma un ottimo libro che fa di James Lee Burke un...

A Morning for Flamingos (2015) by James Lee Burke

Half Of Paradise (1999)

It's easy to see how fans of James Lee Burke do not like this-his first-novel. This is the only work of Burke's that I've read and can't say I'm a big fan of the novel either. The characters are mostly unlikable, there's no plot to speak of, what story there is seems to go nowhere, and the author...

Half Of Paradise (1999) by James Lee Burke

In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead (1997)

Darum geht’s:In den Atchafalaya-Sümpfen ist ein Jahrzehnte altes Skelett aufgetaucht. Das jedenfalls behauptet der große Filmstar Elrod Sykes. Detective Dave Robicheaux schenkt der Geschichte zunächst keine Beachtung. Denn Sykes, der für seine Trunksucht bekannt ist, nimmt es möglicherweise mit d...

In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead (1997) by James Lee Burke

Purple Cane Road (2001)

Burke, one of my favorite writers, has an extraordinary gift for the use of similes. He can evoke the atmosphere and scenery that sets him way above other writers in the mystery genre. Despite the brutality, violence and corruption, the story intrigues, and Burke continues to develop the characte...

Purple Cane Road (2001) by James Lee Burke

Pegasus Descending (2006)

“Pegasus”, no original “Pegasus Descending”, editado em 2006, é o décimo quinto livro da série protagonizada pelo detective Dave Robicheaux, escrito pelo norte-americano James Lee Burke.O cenário da narrativa de “Pegasus” mantém-se na pequena cidade de New Iberia, no sul do Louisiana, na zona do ...

Pegasus Descending (2006) by James Lee Burke

The Tin Roof Blowdown (2007)

“blues por new orleans”, no original “The Tin Roof Blowdown”, publicado em 2007 pelo norte-americano James Lee Burke (n. 1936) é o 16º livro com o detective Dave Robicheaux. O furacão Katrina está a devastar a costa do Lousiana…Nova Orleães - depois do furacão KatrinaJames Lee Burke “mistura” adm...

The Tin Roof Blowdown (2007) by James Lee Burke

Last Car To Elysian Fields (2004)

a third of a slow way through this book (not the book's fault), i thought i'd give myself entirely to that most overused of parts of speech, the adjective. i do this because james lee burke is a great user of adjectives, and even when he uses them abundantly he doesn't overuse them at all. but i ...

Last Car To Elysian Fields (2004) by James Lee Burke

Heaven's Prisoners (2002)

When Burke writes, I see dead people. And sand sharks, and listing planes and oil-slick bubbles of air. The book opens with a small plane going down near Dave's trawler, and Dave and his wife Annie checking for survivors. Its a vivid scene.This is the second book starring Dave Robicheaux, describ...

Heaven's Prisoners (2002) by James Lee Burke

Heartwood (2000)

"In my mind's eye I saw Ronnie Cross and Esmeralda Ramirez flying down an empty six-lane highway through the countryside, the chromed engine roaring, the green dials on the walnut dashboard indicating levels of control and power that seemed to transcend the laws of mortality itself.I thought of h...

Heartwood (2000) by James Lee Burke

Cimarron Rose (1998)

This is the second of Burke's Edgar winning novels, and those two awards were what led an unlikely fan such as myself, an urban woman from the Pacific Northwestern US, to commence reading a series about a cowboy-type cop in Texas.My setting and Burke's are very different, as are our tastes in foo...

Cimarron Rose (1998) by James Lee Burke

Burning Angel (1996)

Book ReviewBurning Angel, for me, didn't quite meet up to expectations in terms of story line. The ending does not address certain questions raised in the mind of the reader as the story progresses. In this, the 8th in the series, I also felt like the thing that I love about these Robicheaux bo...

Burning Angel (1996) by James Lee Burke

Cadillac Jukebox (1997)

Ok, I confess that I missed these guys, Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell. In fact I noticed a smile came to my face when Clete was first mentioned. But like others have said, and I agree, the characters are numerous and from time to time, when they're not mentioned again for 100 pages, I'm like...

Cadillac Jukebox (1997) by James Lee Burke

A Stained White Radiance (2002)

James Lee Burke is an excellent storyteller. He creates a tale full of atmosphere and mystery, and if plot details occasionally seem questionable, well, they remain engaging.Book five in the Dave Robicheaux series hits all Burke’s high points:An immersive, sense-filled setting:“I… walked into th...

A Stained White Radiance (2002) by James Lee Burke

Dixie City Jam (1995)

If this book was a truck, it would be a heavy duty Ford able to pull a submarine out of the water. As number seven in the Dave Robicheaux series, this book, I believe, was the best one yet and that’s saying a lot since I’ve given them all four or five stars. (I don’t give out five stars easily....

Dixie City Jam (1995) by James Lee Burke

Crusader's Cross (2006)

In the fourteenth Dave Robicheaux novel, a face from the past that has haunted Dave since he was 20 re-emerges. Dave and his brother Jimmie had long since thought Ida Durbin was dead. But when some odd events start occurring, Ida's death becomes more and more suspect, and all signs lead back to t...

Crusader's Cross (2006) by James Lee Burke

Bitterroot (2002)

This was a pretty good book. I suppose in giving it four stars, I am unfairly comparing Burke to himself rather than to other writers, at least to a degree.Here's the issue: most writers who keep a series going have trouble adding another and keeping it distinct; the only two situations where I'v...

Bitterroot (2002) by James Lee Burke

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