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Jack Womack

Jack Womack
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Books by Jack Womack


Terraplane (1998)

I've read a few of Womack's dystopian future/DryCo books. The very first one I read, Random Acts of Senseless Violence, was an amazing 5 star romp (williamt review). But Terraplane is the least of this bunch.Terraplane is put at an immediate disadvantage: people in the future are somewhat unemoti...

Terraplane (1998) by Jack Womack

Random Acts of Senseless Violence (1995)

This book has the BIG two, baby: original and good. I really enjoyed reading Random Acts!Random Acts is the diary of a 12 year-old girl as she descends into the anarchy and apocalypse that is engulfing her family, city, nation and the world. How's that for weird? Ha!There's a lot of Clockwork Ora...

Random Acts of Senseless Violence (1995) by Jack Womack

Heathern (1998)

Jack Womack is one of those writers who truly deserve greater name recognition than he receives. Anyone who is a William Gibson fan boy should readily recognize his name, as they seem to pal around quite often. Womack even made a cameo appearance in the Gibson documentary film “No Maps for These ...

Heathern (1998) by Jack Womack

Elvissey (1997)

Boy, this was quite a find. Elvissey is the kind of intense high-concept sci-fi that I should read more of, but don't. It takes effort to understand the language. First line: "Ascension, I craved; my husband dreamed of descent. At our meet that set our seal." That's pretty coherent compared to so...

Elvissey (1997) by Jack Womack

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