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Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim
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Books by Iceberg Slim


Pimp: The Story of My Life (2002)

“Pimp” is fantastic. For about a decade now this has been one of my favorite books, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Granted, I should immediately admit that I probably like this book for all the wrong reasons; I’m sure that the ‘correct’ grounds for appreciating “Pimp” (if such sta...

Pimp: The Story of My Life (2002) by Iceberg Slim

Long White Con (2005)

I was disappointed by this book, though the second half makes up for a bit of the disappointment. Long White Con marks the second appearance of Iceberg Slim's possibly real acquaintance, Johnny O'Brien AKA White Folks. Folks is an extremely light-skinned black man with blue eyes, the son of a mix...

Long White Con (2005) by Iceberg Slim

Mama Black Widow (2004)

Iceberg Slim tells the story of a family plagued with so many of the horrors that plague the urban neighborhoods. Poverty, prostitution, violence, murder, drug deals, and grittiness that few are able to explain in a way that others can understand are easily visualized as Iceberg Slim spins this ...

Mama Black Widow (2004) by Iceberg Slim

Trick Baby (2004)

Ice Berg Slim is a true master of the word. His dialogue is dazzling. His cast so real you can almost touch them. "Pimp" is the book to start with, but Trick Baby is just as good and stands alone as a brilliant example of American writing. Trick Baby is a term used for the offspring of a black pr...

Trick Baby (2004) by Iceberg Slim

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