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Gail Bowen

Gail Bowen
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Books by Gail Bowen


The Gifted: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery (2013)

I received this book from my granddaughter who won it here on Goodreads. I believe on passing it forward when it comes to books...they are not cheap to buy and for the dwindling population that prefers to hold a book in your hand, versus an ereader, I think it makes it more important in preservin...

The Gifted: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery (2013) by Gail Bowen

The Wandering Soul Murders (2001)

Should have read this after Murder at the Mendel. However it didn't hurt the mystery at all. Sally's daughter is now part of Joanne's family, which seems to be a good outcome. It was a little confusing to find Peter's girl friend portrayed extremely negatively in this book when she just appeared ...

The Wandering Soul Murders (2001) by Gail Bowen

Deadly Appearances (2012)

Very difficult to review or actually to Rate! Tomorrow! Well it's now "Tomorrow" and I'm still kind of stumped on this one. I stumbled on Gail Bowen in my search for Canadian Mystery writers and I tried a couple of her "Rapid Reads" "Charlie D." series and really liked them so I decided to try a ...

Deadly Appearances (2012) by Gail Bowen

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