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Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth
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Books by Frederick Forsyth


The Cobra (2010)

I have read about eight of Forsyth's thrillers over the last 40 years. In this, his latest book, the US President and the UK Prime Minister agree to co-operate to put an end to the world trade in cocaine. According to the man they hire to do the job, the eponymous Cobra, it will take $2 billion a...

The Cobra (2010) by Frederick Forsyth

The Phantom of Manhattan (2000)

Never in my life have I chanced upon an unauthorized "sequel" to a classic (cult classic is more appropriate in this case, perhaps) that insults the original within the first five sentences. That is impressive! And it continues, page after page, scoffing at Leroux's original novel and pointing ou...

The Phantom of Manhattan (2000) by Frederick Forsyth

Icon (1997)

I love this book by Forsyth. It was epic in scale. And he pulled it off masterfully. The first half of the book is plot set up, which is typical of the author. He's really into details and logistics, so this part of his books often bores some readers. But not me. I like finding out about all of t...

Icon (1997) by Frederick Forsyth

The Veteran (2003)

The book is quite a departure from the regular thrillers that Forsyth is famous for, but that doesn't take away anything from the quality of the work. It consists of five stories, which showcase the research that characterises Forsyth's works. I'd actually have taken these for Jeffrey Archer's wo...

The Veteran (2003) by Frederick Forsyth

The Afghan (2006)

This book contained some well researched an incredibly interesting material about Afghanistan and the recent military and religious history of the area. The concept of placing a Western aligned spy into al Qaeda was interesting, quite well thought out and presented.The current brutality, ignoranc...

The Afghan (2006) by Frederick Forsyth

The Negotiator (1990)

Buku pertama yang telah dibaca (The Day of the Jackal) dari sang penulis memberikan kesan pertama yang luar biasa. Frederick Forsyth alias FF memberikan jaminan no.1 buat sebuah cerita kriminal, saya angkat topi untuk Penerbit Serambi yang menerbitkannya di Indonesia. Meskipun beberapa typo di bu...

The Negotiator (1990) by Frederick Forsyth

The Fist of God (1995)

Forsyth è un maestro del genere spy-story, autore di romanzi come: "Il giorno dello sciacallo", "I mastini della guerra", "Dossier Odessa", "Il Quarto Protocollo" e molti altri. E' indubbiamente uno dei miei scrittori preferiti in questo genere e lo metterei con Ludlum, Le Carrè, Cruz Smith, dire...

The Fist of God (1995) by Frederick Forsyth

No Comebacks (1983)

Strong character descriptions cooked in picturesque yet simple narrative, Can a seemingly simple man drive us readers crazy with a strong motive? Deep-Fried in strong emotions like revenges and deceptions Enjoy the master-story teller's convincing concoctions!Frederick Forsyth - Also known as the...

No Comebacks (1983) by Frederick Forsyth

The Fourth Protocol (1996)

Frederick Forsyth is one of my all time favorite novelists and my favorite of all "spy novelists". The Fourth Protocol is my favorite spy novel of all time. It definitely falls into the "Commando Spy" category but is far better written than most. I love spy novels of most types and the Comm...

The Fourth Protocol (1996) by Frederick Forsyth

The Deceiver (1992)

Sometimes you just realize when you are in the hands of someone who really knows what they're doing. I have tried a number of spy and suspense authors with varying results, but picking this book up at the library recently and reading it reminded me what it's like to be entertained by a master. ...

The Deceiver (1992) by Frederick Forsyth

The Day of the Jackal (1982)

THE GREATEST HIT "One shot. One kill".- US Army Sniper motto. Frederick Forsyth. In terms of thriller writers, he's one of the greats or perhaps the great modern thriller writer. A journalist by trade, Forsyth made his name working in France and the slowly disintegrating republics of Cold War era...

The Day of the Jackal (1982) by Frederick Forsyth

The Odessa File (1983)

This novel has all the key elements of heart-stopping drama at its most intense that has made a name for Frederick Forsyth the world over.The story begins in Hamburg in the early evening hours of November 22nd, 1963. President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX, a few hours earlier, and the...

The Odessa File (1983) by Frederick Forsyth

The Dogs of War (1982)

I remember my older brother watching “The Dogs of War” when I was a kid, but I didn’t really remember much about the movie except that it involved mercenaries in Africa and starred Christopher Walken. Lately I have been studying the various wars in Africa that followed World War II and the role o...

The Dogs of War (1982) by Frederick Forsyth

The Devil's Alternative (1982)

This year I'm saving some of my really good books. Anyone who reads this space will remember that one of my resolutions ( to pay no more than $2.99 for a book this year (see here). Thank goodness I had an unread stockpile of brandnamers in my library. The D...

The Devil's Alternative (1982) by Frederick Forsyth

The Shepherd (1996)

It's Christmas Eve, 1957, and a 20 year old pilot has just climbed into the cockpit of his Vampire jet fighter, taking off from an RAF air base in Germany to return to England and home in time for Christmas day.But ten minutes after taking off, over the North Sea, the pilot runs into his first bi...

The Shepherd (1996) by Frederick Forsyth

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