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Elizabeth Aston

Elizabeth Aston
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Books by Elizabeth Aston


Writing Jane Austen (2010)

The back cover description sounded interesting, so I decided, "What the heck? I haven't read a Jane Austen spin-off for a while." I knew it would be fluffy and easy to get into, and it was. But it was also frustrating, because the whole book is about an author with massive writer's block. I suffe...

Writing Jane Austen (2010) by Elizabeth Aston

Mr. Darcy's Dream (2009)

In this latest book in the Mr. Darcy's Daughters series, 20 year old Phoebe Hawkins, daughter of Georgiana Darcy and a Sir Giles Hawkins, has found love in her second season. After a whirlwind night of dancing and falling in love, Mr. Stanhope informs Phoebe he is going to call on her father to a...

Mr. Darcy's Dream (2009) by Elizabeth Aston

Le rêve de Mr Darcy (2014)

This is one of the many books that have been published that imagine what happens after the end of Pride and Prejudice. This series focuses on Darcy's children, nieces and nephews, and what seems to me most entertaining about it is that Pemberley itself seems to be one of the most important chara...

Le rêve de Mr Darcy (2014) by Elizabeth Aston

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy (2005)

This review was originally published here on http://theonewithrachelsbook.blogspot...I love books that should be terrible. Like this one. They are my guilty pleasure. Mediocre sappy romance austen-eque fan fiction makes me feel all gooey and simultaneously gives me the LOLs. This book, is in my t...

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy (2005) by Elizabeth Aston

Mr. Darcy's Daughters (2015)

Alors par où commencer ? Peut-être en disant ceci : qu'est-il arrivé au colonel Fitzwilliam ?? Le personnage sympathique et ouvert de Pride & Prejudice a disparu dans cette suite ( les 20 années écoulées ont été désastreuses...). Dès les premières lignes, on comprend que le gentil colonel n'est p...

Mr. Darcy's Daughters (2015) by Elizabeth Aston

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