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E.F. Benson

E.F. Benson
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Books by E.F. Benson


Queen Lucia (2003)

Queen Lucia introduces the village of Riseholme, its inhabitants and, most importantly, Lucia Lucas who presides over Riseholme’s social scene as benevolent dictator. In this first installment in the series, Lucia’s unspoken sovreignty comes under threat from an Indian guru, a Russian medium and ...

Queen Lucia (2003) by E.F. Benson

Make Way for Lucia (1988)

"Georgie held her hand a moment longer than was usual, and gave it a little extra pressure for the conveyance of sympathy. Lucia, to acknowledge that, pressed a little more, and Georgie tightened his grip again to show that he understood, until their respective fingernails grew white with the con...

Make Way for Lucia (1988) by E.F. Benson

Mrs. Ames (2010)

Who was at whose party last night with whom? For the residents of Riseborough, the answer to that question and other gossipy tidbits like it is their prime preoccupation during days spent in the relatively otherwise unexciting little town. Chief among the participants are the women who vie for so...

Mrs. Ames (2010) by E.F. Benson

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