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Douglas Clegg

Douglas Clegg
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Books by Douglas Clegg


The Abandoned (2005)

The Hell of disharmony.” From your lips, Mr. Thomas, to God’s ears!! Welcome, everyone, to Cosmic Horror. Set in the future, the story centers around the final day of the annual Punktown Fair and its attendees. While the plot is original and creative in its conception, the delivery is a Lovecr...

The Abandoned (2005) by Douglas Clegg

Isis (2009)

Isis is a book I received for review. In the instant I saw the cover and Douglas Clegg's website I was overcome by book lust, but I didn't realise that the book was a novella until it arrived in the mail. I mistakenly wrote the work off straight away as a poorly marketed children's picture book, ...

Isis (2009) by Douglas Clegg

Neverland (1991)

There is something about childhood that makes horror so effective. Whether or not the child is the main character, victim or sometimes the object of horror, it seems to be a prevalent theme among horror. I believe it's partly due to the child-like innocence. As a child, the world is new to you. Y...

Neverland (1991) by Douglas Clegg

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