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Bonnie Bryant

Bonnie Bryant

Books by Bonnie Bryant


Horse Whispers (1998)

It wasn't awful, and I can still see why I liked this series when I was in middle school. That said, Bonnie Bryant likes to have the characters, particularly Carole, go into lecture mode and talk for half a page about horses and horse care. Given the point... of the series, the content of these l...

Horse Whispers (1998) by Bonnie Bryant

Horse Power (2007)

Reviewed by Andie Z. for TeensReadToo.comStevie, Carole, and Lisa are ready and excited for the upcoming gymkhana, a three-day event full of relays and games and fun - all on horseback, of course. The girls need a fourth team member, and surprisingly, Stevie's brother, Chad, fills in. Chad is not...

Horse Power (2007) by Bonnie Bryant

Horse Crazy (1996)

This is one series I never got a chance to read growing up, I was already into Pony Pals and Thoroughbred and Heartland and Phantom Stallion...but being as it was such a popular series, I am curious about it. I watched the first to seasons of the television series a couple weeks ago and enjoyed t...

Horse Crazy (1996) by Bonnie Bryant

Horse Sense (2007)

A spectacular tale about friendship and horses, which will delight all pony-mad children & teenagers as you long to join ‘the saddle club’!! As a teenager who was (and still remains to this day) a horse and pony mad girl & equestrian enthusiast, The Saddle Club books were my most treasured and pr...

Horse Sense (2007) by Bonnie Bryant

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