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Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess
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Books by Anthony Burgess


The Wanting Seed (1996)

"Così va il mondo, non puoi far altro che accettarlo: gloglottii coitali e abbandono alla promiscuità, masticazione di tessuti corporei e militaresco inquadramento."Il problema dei romanzi a tesi, è che se la tesi non ti convince proprio, beh, non puoi nemmeno consolarti con un bel romanzo. E' ...

The Wanting Seed (1996) by Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange (1995)

4.5 stars My oh my, what a difference time and format can make. I remember the first time I read this book. It was probably 2005, maybe 2006, and I was working in the "Consumer Relations" department at my customer service job. Basically, I was the helpdesk, tech support, and the person you talk t...

A Clockwork Orange (1995) by Anthony Burgess

Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange (2000)

it's funny, i've read a lot of Kubrick's screenplays, and they can be really unusual. for example, rarely do they follow screenplay format rules, are often almost poetically sparse in construction, etc.kubrick favored 'creating it' on the set largely, which was one reason he shot so much. it wasn...

Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange (2000) by Anthony Burgess

The Doctor is Sick (1997)

I had a tough time getting into this book although I could appreciate Burgess's dry sense of humour and unique use of words. It wasn't until about page 50 (of a 240 page book) that I really began to get into the rhythm of it and from them on I devoured it as quickly as I could. The plot of the st...

The Doctor is Sick (1997) by Anthony Burgess

Complete Enderby: Inside Mr. Enderby, Enderby Outside, the Clockwork Testament, and Enderby's... (1996)

Inside Mr. Enderby 4 stars - I thought this was a wonder when I read it in 1997. Burgess is for word lovers. One of the things that makes him funny is his insertion of the perfect overwrought word at the right moment. His gift very much reminds me of Martin Amis's work, though they are strikingly...

Complete Enderby: Inside Mr. Enderby, Enderby Outside, the Clockwork Testament, and Enderby's... (1996) by Anthony Burgess

Earthly Powers (2004)

I'm unsure if I'll remember this as fondly in a few years as I do now. The second quarter of the book was extremely dull, and the narrative 'technique' is silly (bad novelist travels to a dozen or so countries in order to pick up royalties cheques through the twentieth century--necessary because...

Earthly Powers (2004) by Anthony Burgess

Nothing Like the Sun (2013)

Summary:Anthony Burgess’s Nothing Like the Sun is a highly fascinating, albeit fictional, re-telling of Shakespeare’s love life. In 234 pages, Burgess manages to introduce his reader to a young Shakespeare, developing into manhood and clumsily fumbling his way through his first sexual escapade w...

Nothing Like the Sun (2013) by Anthony Burgess

Tremor of Intent (2013)

“The scientific approach to life is not necessarily appropriate to states of visceral anguish.” Anthony Burgess: Blimey I’ll show them how to write a bloody spy novel.Denis Hillier is a British secret agent based out of Yugoslavia who has accepted (bribed with a large retirement bonus) a final ...

Tremor of Intent (2013) by Anthony Burgess

The Kingdom of the Wicked (1985)

A beautifully immersive and lively piece of historical narrative. This tells the tale of the first followers of Jesus after his "resurrection" and ascent up to "Heaven" (events which are non-magical in this telling... like tricks and manipulations by the charismatic Jesus).Anthony Burgess is a re...

The Kingdom of the Wicked (1985) by Anthony Burgess

The Gormenghast Novels (1995)

I know of no author in all of the English language who is like Peake, or who could aspire to be like him. His voice is as unique as that of Milton, Bierce, Conrad, Blake, Donne, or Eliot, and as fully-realized. I am a hard and critical man, cynical and not easily moved, but there are passages in ...

The Gormenghast Novels (1995) by Anthony Burgess

A Dead Man in Deptford (2003)

This is a book about Christopher Marlowe, based on 'The Reckoning' by Charles Nicholl. I thought that this book was extraordinary in that it conveys the 'vibe' of what it might be like to be in Elizabethan England. It accomplishes this through an immersion in detail and amazing original prose tha...

A Dead Man in Deptford (2003) by Anthony Burgess

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