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Alan Hollinghurst

Alan Hollinghurst
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Books by Alan Hollinghurst


The Line of Beauty (2015)

I started this last night, heading home after one of the most dreadful evenings in recent memory.So lately my life does seem like a pot of thick, scalding acrid coffee; I read books in the hope that they'll help me choke it down. But for some reason everything I pick up lately's been unsatisfying...

The Line of Beauty (2015) by Alan Hollinghurst

The Swimming-Pool Library (1989)

i'll start off with a blanket statement: many novels of the Gay Fiction subgenre will fall within two categories. 1. Coming of Age Tales in which the protagonist struggles to come out, often against his unsympathetic surroundings. often tender; occasionally mawkish.2. a category that i like to c...

The Swimming-Pool Library (1989) by Alan Hollinghurst

The Folding Star (2005)

With this, Alan Hollinghurst becomes my favorite living novelist. For me the phrase means a feeling of excitement about what someone will write in the future, what new domains of experience they’ll claim. Martin Amis and Edmund White do not evoke this feeling any longer, though I love them; Updik...

The Folding Star (2005) by Alan Hollinghurst

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